Creating a YouTube Video Marketing Campaign

When you create a viral video, the most important thing is that as many people see it as possible. Unfortunately, many people end up paying crazy prices to get marketing companies to get their video in the top ten most viewed videos of the day. When people try to create their own viral video, however, they often find that they don't end up hitting these top places. Here are several great tips for helping you start a YouTube video marketing campaign.
Creating a Viral Video
A viral video is a video that is spread around like a virus. People will get a hold of it, watch it, and even send it on to their friends. The content of your video is very important. If you are making your first video you are best off making a funny film, which are some of the easiest to spread around. Make sure that you brainstorm some great ideas before choosing the best one for your video.
Editing a Viral Video
It is surprising how many people over look the writing stage of a viral video. A YouTube video marketing campaign requires you to have a video that is clear and easy to understand, but that does not necessarily mean that they must be high quality. Make sure you check the sound and lighting to make sure that views can easily understand your video.
Posting a Video
Starting a YouTube video marketing campaign is very simple, and all you have to do is post up your video on the site. There are many other sites you can post your video at, and the more you do the more your video will be seen. YouTube is a site that accommodates for tens of thousands of new video postings every day, but it is the first place people go to when they are looking for a video.
Marketing Your Viral Video
The most important part is the actual YouTube video marketing campaign. This involves promoting the video to other people so they can get others to watch it, and so on. You may have to write your own blogs, start forums, or rate your video yourself to persuade people to watch it. Make sure that you send it to all of your friends first, as they are your greatest key to getting videos passed around.
If you follow these great YouTube video marketing campaign tips you should be able to turn out several great viral videos in no time at all. It is important that you keep researching different techniques for making a great YouTube video marketing campaign. That way you will be able stay up to date with the best viral video marketing techniques.
A great technique for a YouTube video marketing campaign is to create several different videos about the same topic, and post them all at the same time. This makes people want t o click on these videos once they have already seen the last ones. Don't try to keep your video up longer by posting a new video every few days, because it rarely works. People quickly lose interest on a video and won't come back to it every few days.

by: Mark Wooden

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