Freelance Writer Needed!

  Are you looking for an independent writer for your work? A good professional Freelance writer can be hard to find. Whenever you find the best one, you should hold on to her or him.
  Good Freelance article writers are in high demand and also have the ability to jump to others whenever they feel they are being dismissed or have trouble with a customer. Freelance article writers are great individuals who enjoy their work and such as the opportunity to share their talents with those who need to have well crafted work finished for them.
  Retaining a good Freelance writer is simple, they are simple to please and revel in writing. This is why they are in the business. Here are some simple suggestions for retaining a great loyal freelance writer:
Just like you want them to respond for you in a timely manner, they like to listen to back of your stuff. Particularly when questions develop on a project.
When they are doing great work, let them know. Everyone loves a pat about the back for excellent work.
  Allow freelance writer know you'll be having more work with them later on; this really is always useful when you are the understanding of a long term relationship.
  When you hire a freelancer through an online writing service. Attempt to hire them outside the writing service, particularly if they request it. Some of these writing services charge a higher fee to freelancers his or her cut, some around 8.75% or even more. Going outside can help you save both cash, you in writers fees and freelancers unwanted fees cut from their income.
  Let the freelancer work on all of your projects they are comfortable with working on. You'll be surprised at some of the things they can do for you.
Should you give them explicit directions for a project, do not complain when you get precisely what you may well ask for within the finished work. Realize they're only following directions.
Give them some innovative leeway when they ask or else you just give general guidelines.
  I have listed some things which can make you content and your freelance writer happy as well. Freelance writers perform best away from norm, again this is why they're freelancers. That like their freedom and they will create some outstanding products for you personally whenever you allow them to. This is what separates the great freelancers from those who want to be good.
by: Dusty Jones

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RSS Data Feeds Can Make Money Online

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich SiteSummary.
It also has been referred to as a "pull" technology rather than a "push" technology. And, in fact, this feature is what makes RSS so popular in terms of today's Internet usage.
It's probably hard to argue that anyone who uses the Internet today hasn't heard of spam. If they have an email inbox it is probably full of it.
Spam, for the uninitiated, is the receipt of unwanted emails from people whom you did not request to receive information. Spam represents the "push" technology. That is, people "push" their email message at your inbox, whether you have asked to receive the email or not.
And that aspect of "push" technology is what many have come to believe is the death of email. It's arguable that email will still be around for quite a long time, even though there are still people who continue the illegal spam process. In fact, companies are making millions now just providing everyday users as well as huge corporations, solutions claiming to solve their spam problem.
RSS, on the other hand, can be said to be the exact opposite of the email "push" technology. Because you cannot "push" your message to subscribers. In fact, the only way that people can subscribe to an RSS feed is to do so voluntarily. And, at the same time, they can unsubscribe whenever they want.
That's why it's called a "pull" technology. Because subscribers "pull" information into their readers and, if the content isn't what they expect, they can unsubscribe whenever they'd like. So, unlike the email "push" technology, there is no one using RSS that is experiencing an inbox full of spam. All they have to do is to unsubscribe and they will never receive another message from the person who provided the feed.
RSS has become a popular way to make money on line too. And that is due in part to the popularity of the RSS "pull" technology. Here's one way of monetizing a website using RSS feeds.
Imagine setting up a static one page web site - a minisite if you will. Now, add either Google Adsense code or the new Yahoo version of the Google Adsense style ads that, when clicked by a visitor - you earn cash.
This gives you a nice starting point and, if you optimize your web page properly, there is a good chance you will get a high ranking in the search engines. And, the more people who see your page, the more likelihood they will click on one of the links on your web page and you'll earn revenue from the click.
But RSS provides an even greater potential. Because by adding an RSS feed to that same web page, you turn a static web page that only contains the information you placed on it, into a dynamic ever changing web page that others will likely come back more than once to read.
After all, once someone has read a one page web site, what incentive is there for them to come back? Plenty, if you use RSS feeds on your web page. It is possible to add 5, 10 or 15 feeds on your once static web page and now, you've got a page that automatically updates itself and provides something that people will want to come back to read time and time again.
You can easily convert any web page into a dynamic web page using free RSS creator software. One of the most popular free versions is called Carp and you can download it at this web link:
Once you've set this program up on your website and added the proper code to your website, then you will need to collect RSS feeds that relate to the topic of your web page.
Let's say that the topic of your web page is flower gardens. You could go to Google News and get their RSS feed code, place it into the appropriate position in your Carp coding you put on your web page and then adjust the code as follows:
You can also get a similar feed from and you'd adjust the code like this:
Now, once you have uploaded your web page, your site will automatically pull in fresh information from Google and Topix about flower gardens. Simply follow this illustration for any web page you'd like to monetize and watch your search engine ranking soar and also your bank account!

by: Chet Holcomb

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Creating a YouTube Video Marketing Campaign

When you create a viral video, the most important thing is that as many people see it as possible. Unfortunately, many people end up paying crazy prices to get marketing companies to get their video in the top ten most viewed videos of the day. When people try to create their own viral video, however, they often find that they don't end up hitting these top places. Here are several great tips for helping you start a YouTube video marketing campaign.
Creating a Viral Video
A viral video is a video that is spread around like a virus. People will get a hold of it, watch it, and even send it on to their friends. The content of your video is very important. If you are making your first video you are best off making a funny film, which are some of the easiest to spread around. Make sure that you brainstorm some great ideas before choosing the best one for your video.
Editing a Viral Video
It is surprising how many people over look the writing stage of a viral video. A YouTube video marketing campaign requires you to have a video that is clear and easy to understand, but that does not necessarily mean that they must be high quality. Make sure you check the sound and lighting to make sure that views can easily understand your video.
Posting a Video
Starting a YouTube video marketing campaign is very simple, and all you have to do is post up your video on the site. There are many other sites you can post your video at, and the more you do the more your video will be seen. YouTube is a site that accommodates for tens of thousands of new video postings every day, but it is the first place people go to when they are looking for a video.
Marketing Your Viral Video
The most important part is the actual YouTube video marketing campaign. This involves promoting the video to other people so they can get others to watch it, and so on. You may have to write your own blogs, start forums, or rate your video yourself to persuade people to watch it. Make sure that you send it to all of your friends first, as they are your greatest key to getting videos passed around.
If you follow these great YouTube video marketing campaign tips you should be able to turn out several great viral videos in no time at all. It is important that you keep researching different techniques for making a great YouTube video marketing campaign. That way you will be able stay up to date with the best viral video marketing techniques.
A great technique for a YouTube video marketing campaign is to create several different videos about the same topic, and post them all at the same time. This makes people want t o click on these videos once they have already seen the last ones. Don't try to keep your video up longer by posting a new video every few days, because it rarely works. People quickly lose interest on a video and won't come back to it every few days.

by: Mark Wooden

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The Best Business Card I Ever Saw

I knew from the first moment I saw his card that I had to talk to the person who left it for me. Why did I feel so strongly about it?
Well, for a start, it made me laugh. Nothing is as important as being alive, so enjoy it while you can: “Carpe Diem”. We’ve all heard it said, but how many of us really know much about it? Where it came from, or who said it?
“Carpe Diem”: the famous advice “Seize the Day” is from Horace’s Odes. (Odes in Horace’s case, being his thoughts on lots of different things). The full thought is: “Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero”, which may be translated as: “Enjoy today, trusting little in tomorrow.”
Thus, “carpe diem” from ancient times until now has been advice expressed in many different ways, e.g. eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die; make hay while the sun shines; enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think. Or in 2006: “Life’s a bitch – and then you die.”
Anybody who can make me laugh in the middle of my business day is someone I want to associate with, I can tell you.
The other reason I wanted so much to see the person who called and left the card, was that I needed to give it back to him. In selling, they say that the best way to succeed is by giving someone what they want. Because, in doing so, you’re fulfilling a need – or at least, what your potential buyer perceives as a need. (The latter being the reason why so much advertising is designed to create a perceived need). And this guy had certainly created a need for me to see him, simply by leaving his card!
I guess the third reason is that curiosity, as they say, killed the cat. How many of us respond to something simply because our curiosity is aroused? I freely confess that I do. The need to know is one of our strongest, human urges – some would say weakness.
(No reading ahead, please!)
For sure, curiosity has been the downfall of many an otherwise, over-cautious individual. I wanted to know not just who he was, but who had designed the card; what the person looked like who had presented it; and whether he meant what he said – sorry, no, that last bit isn’t true! I knew he didn’t mean it. He couldn’t possibly mean it.
So, it made me laugh; it aroused my curiosity; and it achieved its primary objective: it made me want to see him. What did his card say? Well, his name, business address and contact details were on one side. On the other side however, it read:
(The first two words were handwritten – the rest of the message was printed on the card.)
“Dear Hilary,
I would like to go to bed with you. If the answer is yes, please keep this card. If the answer is no, please return it – as I am running out of cards.”
What card does he use, you might ask, when the recipient is a fellow male . . . ?
by: Jeff Goulding

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.